Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kennedy Assassination Cenotaph, Dallas, TX

Kennedy Assassination Cenotaph, Dallas, TX

The sculpture designed by architect Phillip Johnson consists of four 32 foot high walls forming a 50 foot square. The structure is made of concrete, steel and marble and is near the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. It is a cenotaph, a tomb without a body, consisting of a black marble block in the center of the structure, inscribed with Kennedy’s name that is painted gold to reflect on the empty blank walls.


Whites Only Water Fountain, Dallas, TX

"Whites Only" Water Fountain, Segregation, Dallas, TX

In downtown Dallas, in the Dallas County Records building, first interest closest to the Kennedy Assassination Cenotaph on Elm Street.  Once it had been forgotten, the metal plate above the water fountain was painted over or covered. Remembering the segregation of the 1960 it now is a reminder of turbulent times. Now the fountain is a multimedia art installation documenting the fight for equality conceptionalized and designed by Artist Lauren Woods. The fountain is still in working order but water only comes out after the finish of the 45 second civil rights video


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