Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Notorious Turtle Boy Statue, Worcester, MA

The Notorious Turtle Boy Statue, Worcester, MA

I got a couple of comments  and a “pervert” remark while taking pictures of the notorious “Turtle Boy” statue at the corner of the Worcester Common Park in Worcester, MA.  Sculpted in 1912 by Charles Y. Harvey and Henry Bacon, (architect) the non-working fountain has two parts a basin and the turtle and boy sculpture.  The Burnside fountain was bequeathed in memory of her father by Harriet F. Burnside to provide water to people, horses and animals in Worcester Common. The statue is somewhat of a mascot for the people of Worcester. Its worldly popularity is due to what the boy is actually doing to the turtle. The statue, over a hundred years old, has had songs written about it and even bears the name of a micro-brew. When all is said in done you must put the quotation marks around “riding” the turtle when referencing the nude boy on top of the fountain and the expression of the turtles face.

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