Thursday, April 5, 2012

Worlds Largest Teapot Navasota, TX

Along Highway 6 in Navasota, Texas sits the Worlds Largest Teapot. You will need to take the next exit after passing it and head back the way you came in order to get a good shot of this roadside wonder. Pull into Marths's Blomers Home and Garden Stores driveway to view.

Giant Ice Cream Cone, Afton, MO

Imagine coming out of your elementary school each day and seeing this Giant Ice Cream cone in your parking lot. This double dip chocolate and strawberry ice cream cone you to be in from of the Velvet Freeze Ice Cream Store in Affton, MO before it was move to this spot in 1992. See it in the parking lot of the Mesnier Elementary School.

Haines Shoe House, York, PA

One of the many Giant oddities along Route 30, The Lincoln Highway, this one in York, PA. A former Shoe Store owner in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Colonel Mahlon M. Haines built this house to promote his shoe business. Even the doghouse in the yard is shaped like a boot. The 'boot" house is 25 feet tall and 48 feet long.
According to #Roadside America, Haines would invite elderly couples and newlyweds (romantic weekend in a shoe)  to stay in the Shoe each summer (which included live-in maid and butler service) The heel had a snack bar that it is rumored sold "heelbasa" and "toedogs".
This is a great place to stop and take some pictures and an easy on and off of Route 30 near York, PA

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bicycle Built for Two Metal Sculpture, Jennerstown, PA

You'll look sweet upon the seat of bicycle built for two.This metal sculpture was built by students of the Somerset County Technology High School. It is 17 feet tall and weighs over 1800 lbs and was put in place as an initiative of the Roadside Giants Project along Route 30 and the Lincoln Highway. (It joins a Giant Apple Truck, Giant Quarter, 1940s Bennett Gas Pump and 1920s Packard Car with Driver)This structure sits right next to the Giant Praying Mantis and both are very accessible from Interchange 219 near Jennerstown, PA

Giant Praying Mantis, Jennerstown, PA

This is probably one of the most convenient #Roadside America stops along Route 30, and a two for one deal, as you can photograph the Giant Praying Mantis and the Giant Metal Sculpture "Bicycle Built for Two" at the same site. A quick on and off exit finds you right in front of a 9 foot tall Praying Mantis right next to a Weed and Feed store right off interchange 219 on Route 30 in Jennerstown, PA. The statue has been there for over 20 years and although complete at the moment, this bug has had its share of wear and tear and drive by exterminators who have vandalized this insect. (including chopping off stealing its head at one point and blaming it on a female mantis)

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