Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Psychedelic Mall - Hazelwood (St. Louis), MO

The Psychedelic Mall located just outside St. Louis in Hazelton, MO (north of the city towards Chesterfield) Just One Bad Trip after another for the designer. Five themed neighborhoods connected by a interior out of Dazed and Confused and an exterior out of wonderland. Interesting place, eye inspiring and worth the stop and visit. Houses an ice rink, indoor playground as well as a miniature train (with no tracks) that circles the mall (just pay the bearded college student in the pin striped overalls and you're in for the ride of your life. Choo Choo!

First Due Fire Museum - Hazelwood (St. Louis), MO

This small Fire Museum is located in the Psychedelic Mall (featured earlier) called St. Louis Mills. Limited hours (seems like weekends only) I was only able to take a picture through the Mall store front window. Small, looked interesting and along with the Mall's bizarre walkways worth the visit to get there.

Big Unloved Urban Indian, St. Louis, MO

Sits in front of a tavern on the edge of the famous historic Cherokee Lemp Antique District. Really didn't think he was that ugly but he is big and you can't miss him from the road. (Easy i/out take a picture) Right down the street from Ted Drewes Frozen Custard Stand (Route 66) and the Haunted Lemp Mansion.

Lemp Haunted Mansion, St. Louis, MO

The Lemp Mansion, listed as one of the ten most haunted places in America,sits on the outside of the Cherokee-Lemp District in St. Louis, Missouri, Orginally the mansion of the Lemp family it is now a Dinner Theatre, restaurant and Bed and Breakfast. Johann Adam Lemp introduced St. Louis first Lager in 1840 at his brewery near where the St. Louis Arch now stands. He served his beer from a Pub adjacent to the  Lemp’s Western Brewing Co. The lager and the Brewery made the Lemps mllionaires. In 1876 they built this mansion (it has a tunnel underneath that links to the caves that stored and cooled the beer.

According to Legends of America Website 

"When mechanical refrigeration became available, parts of the cave were converted for other purposes, including a natural auditorium and a theatre. This underground oasis would later spawn a large concrete swimming pool, with hot water piped in from the brewery boiling house, and a bowling alley. At one time, the theatre was accessible by way of a spiral staircase from Cherokee Street."

The Lemps were the makers of the original Falstaf Beer and also helped Anheiser Busch and Pabst get their starts. In 1901 the Lemps luck changed and from that time on they experience many tragedies in their family. Death of a son, good friend Frederick Pabst and eventually the suicide by pistol of William Lemp, Sr. The business went to his son who spent the family fortune on all kinds of decadence. An illigitimate son was hidden in the mansions attic his whole life (downs syndrome - his presence is known as the "monkey face boy"). In all four of the Lemp family would take their own lives.

It is said that the following ghostly happenings frequent the mansions:apparitions appear and vanish, voices and sounds come from nowhere, and glasses will fly through the air, a piano plays and lights turn on and off on their own. The three places that have the most activity are the Stairwell (someone running up), the attic (apparition of the monkey face boy") and the basement near the cave entrance, called the "Gates of Hell" by staff members.

Ted Drewes Frozen Yogurt, St. Louis, MO

Ted Drewes Frozen Yogurt, St. Louis, MO

 A St. Louis tradition along the Historic Route 66 in Missouri since 1929. Still serving the most delicious frozen custard (and Christmas Trees). Apperently also known for their quirky commercials in the St. Louis area. The frozen custard was fantastic and you can get it in concrete      (all mixed together, the lady that served me the custard turned it over to show me that it wouldn't pour out - like concrete) or Sunday (with the toppings on top. This is a incredibly crowded place after a St. Louis Cardinals game as many family have a tradition of their own of stopping there after the game.  I had a Ted Drewes Specialty called the Southern Delight Concrete Style (praline pecans and butterscotch). Unbelievable!

Original Big Foot Monster Truck, Hazelwood, MO








Passing through Hazelwood, MO, just off of Highway 270, you will find BIGFOOT 4x4, Inc., home of the original Big Foot Monster Truck created by Bob Chandler.  The original truck has military axles (with four-wheel steering), 48" tall tires, and a souped-up 460ci big block V8 engine. BIGFOOT made its debut in the film, "Take This Job and Shove It." As you can see BIGFOOT #? has really outgrown its older brother.

Imos St. Louis Style Pizza, St.. Louis, MO

Imo's Pizza, founded in 1964 is home to the original St. Louis Style Pizza and what makes it original - Thin Crusts, Provel® (Processed cheese produced with Cheddar, Swiss, and provolone. Provel has a low melting point and, thus, has a gooey and almost buttery texture at room temperature) cheese instead of mozzarella, homemade sauce and cut into squares. (Founder Ed Imo was a tile setter in his pre restaurant life) Starting out with one store because they wanted to have their Pizza delivered and couldn't find a Pizza place nearby that would do this, they opened their first Pizza Parlor at Thurman and Shaw Avenues in St. Louis. (they used a tackle box as a cash register) Now they have over 90 stores all over Missouri. Different Taste I might add but a must try if in the Gateway to the West.  

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