Monday, February 13, 2012

Salt Palace, Grand Saline ,TX

Cutting across Texas, My #Roadside America App led me to Grand Saline. A town built on top of natural salt. They estimate that the find may go downwards to over 16,000 feet. I was not surprised to find the Morton Salt Factory right down the road. I have to tell you it was raining on my visit, no, it was pouring. This was a major producer of salt during the Civil War for the Confederates and still continues to be a major producer today.

Found in the center of Grand Saline, the Salt Palace is a one story building is made entirely of blocks of salt. It has a small museum and salt mining tools and history. Did not take underground tour by Morton's Salt (must be "seasonal".
I did take with me some Salt chunks from the rock outside. Restrained myself of licking the Salt Palace walls as is customary of visitors. (I think).

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